The power to go less paper

E-Sign gives you the flexibility to sign your documents from anywhere using any device. Whether you’re walking to your next meeting, or telecommuting from home, e-signature allows you to continue your business where you need it.


Now that more and more of State of Utah employees are taking the leap to go paperless, they are seeing an immediate impact on efficiency. Within the part 30 days, hundreds of documents have been sent out for signatures or approvals, and have been averaging less than an hour to complete. What many of our users weren’t anticipating was how easy it was to use, as well as the extra flexibility it provides, which has attributed to the quick turnaround times in processing.

Employees taking advantage of electronic signatures no longer deal with the setback of having to be at the office to send documents out for signature. With eSign, documents are prepped, reviewed, and routed from home during days they aren’t scheduled to come into the office, or wherever else they are teleworking from. During the holidays, this is especially helpful since a sender has the ability to track the status of their documents in real time, as well as replace signers quickly and easily for those who are on vacation and taking full advantage of the holiday season.

New Use Cases

See how others are taking advantage of electronic signatures. This month we show how DTS has digitized their PCard Statement Approvals through the use of Workflows, and UID’s utilization of Web Forms intended for citizens. Click on the images below to watch the video of how the forms work.

“I’m using eSign on anything I can think of to save time and effort! It’s cut down on my printing, and actually keeps me more organized; I can see at a glance where each document is in the signature process. It automatically sends a reminder, saving me time with follow-up emails. My signers like it too, as it saves them from printing, signing and scanning back to me.” -Susan Nance, DHS

Feature Highlight: Mega Sign

Need to send something in bulk? Mega Sign allows you to send a single document, such as an updated waiver form for employees or vendor related forms, to multiple recipients in a single transaction rather than sending them out individually. What’s convenient about using Mega Sign, aside from its streamlined process and ease of use, is its ability to manage all of the documents from your account. Your account will organize the agreements by their status: who has completed signing, who has cancelled, and who has yet to sign. Learn more on
how to make your next bulk signature task easier and more efficient by clicking here.