Our electronic signature initiative has passed its first year! We are excited to continue to share the State of Utah’s journey in adopting paperless processes, while making it easier to use electronic signatures. To ensure that we are constantly making improvements to the end-user experience, we encourage you to provide your feedback by emailing us at DTSeSign@utah.gov.


Since introducing electronic signatures back in December 2019, we’ve seen an amazing rate of adoption among our agencies. Employees have taken to eSign as a way to streamline signature and approval processes. As a State, we’ve sent well over 100,000 documents out for signature through eSign within the past year alone!

Some of the ways that employees have used Adobe Sign recently have been through Web Forms. Web Forms provide the ability to easily convert your citizen facing forms into electronically fillable ones, promoting contactless yet speedy transactions between government and the public.

Check out how to create a Web Form by watching our How-to video!


We will be posting future training opportunities through our Essential Teleworking Tools page. This page will be regularly updated to not only inform employees of various tools that can make teleworking even better, but also to make it easier to view any upcoming trainings to use those tools effectively!

Essential Teleworking Tools Spark Page



We have established a platform for our users to share information about their eSign experience with other employees, as well as a way for admins to quickly post status updates to keep users more informed.

This will be done through Google Currents, an enterprise communication platform that anyone can join, and allows State of Utah employees to interact with one another.