Teleworking has never been more important

With the growing possibility of working outside of the office, eSign ensures that business processes can keep moving forward; wherever you are.

We have created a page on our site with videos, instructions, and links that concentrate on helping our new users quickly get familiar with the electronic signature process.

We understand that introducing a new method into your business process may be difficult, which is why we would like to help you with the transition. Please contact for any questions, issues, or to schedule a webinar training for you and and the rest of those in your office.


We received over 400 responses to attend training sessions hosted by DTS to cover various Adobe products, like Acrobat and eSign. Mike Hussey, our State of Utah CIO, also gave a message on his vision of how electronic signatures can be a vital tool for state employees. We have the recordings from 2 of those sessions posted on our Web Training Series page. Click here to watch them!

G Drive Icon


There will soon be a new way for you to send documents out for signature, and it’s through your Google Drive account.

With this new offering, rather than signing into Adobe Sign to upload a document to route for signatures, you’ll be able to stay within your G Drive and utilize the Acrobat Add-on to take you straight to the “Send for Signature” feature for Adobe Sign.


Averaging 136.2 minutes to complete a transaction

Over 2,500 transactions in the past 30 days

Over 4,500 state employees enabled