The power to go less paper

E-Sign gives you the flexibility to sign your documents from anywhere using any device. Whether you’re walking to your next meeting, or telecommuting from home, e-signature allows you to continue your business where you need it.

Why electronic signature?

Many of us spend a considerable amount of our time processing paperwork such as contracts and agreements, but those of us who are responsible with these tasks are all too familiar with the challenges that manual processes pose. Having to rely on paper to obtain signatures can sometimes add frustration to an already time extensive and time consuming process. A document correctly submitted isn’t always the case, as many times their are errors along the way. These errors include incorrect or incomplete paperwork, routing issues, and misunderstood approval policies. Documents, often times, need to be resent which equates to added costs and inefficiencies, but most importantly, wasted time.

E-Sign naturally allows for business process re-engineering by eliminating these common errors that manual processes are typically associated with, by leveraging technology that many of us are already using in our daily work lives. For example, rather than having to wait for mail couriers to drop off an important contract to your office, that same contract can be sent for review or approval directly to your email inbox, drastically cutting down on processing time and costs. Those telecommuting or working remotely will be able to see an instant improvement in efficiency, because paperwork is no longer

Based on Forrester TEI Study

Feature Highlight: Web Forms – Connect with the community

Don’t complicate things by having citizens print out already digital forms on your website and send in a paper copy. Make it easier to connect with the community by executing true digital business processes. ESign offers the ability to quickly and easily host electronic forms on the web. Rather than just giving citizens the ability to download the form to print and eventually mail back to you, save them time by allowing them to fill out, electronically sign, and subsequently send the form from a single web page through the use of Web Forms.